Past Events


Technology and Invention (Centenary of Bern Dibner's Birth)

November 18, 1997
Henry Petroski (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University) on "Pencils, Paperclips, and Invention."

Belonging and Acceptance in History, Culture, and the Arts (Lecture Series)

March 5, 1997
Mary Henderson (Curator

Earth Sciences (Smithsonian 150th Anniversary, Honoring Geologist James Smithson)

September 25, 1996
Robert Hazen (Carnegie Institution of Washington Geophysical Laboratory and George Mason University) on "Earth Sciences, Unanswered Questions, and the Dibner Legacy." 

Chemistry and Art

May 30, 1995
Roald Hoffmann (Cornell University) on "Chemistry Imagined" in conjunction with SIL-Washington Project for the Arts exhibition, Science and the Artist's Book. 

History of Technology, The Telephone (Late 19th Century)

March 17, 1994
Bernard Carlson (University of Virginia) on "Making Connections: Alexander Graham Bell, Elisha Gray, and Thomas Edison and the Race to the Telephone."

Natural History of the Renaissance

May 13, 1993
William B. Ashworth, Jr. (University of Missouri, Kansas City) on "Animal Encounters of the Emblematic Kind: Re-writing the Book of Nature in the Late Renaissance." 

History of Technology, The Printing Press (15th to 20th Centuries)

June 4, 1992

The World of the Child (Lecture Series)

September 13, 1990
Carol J. Barton (Book Artist) on "Playful Readings: A History of Children's Movable Books." 

Death and the Afterlife in Art and Literature (Lecture Series)

February 15, 1988
B. J. T.