Indoor Recess: Outdoor Recess with Folklife Festival

Indoor Recess’ OUTDOOR Scavenger Hunt!  Presented by the Smithsonian Libraries and the Folklife Festival

The Rules

  • You can compete as a team or a single participant. Grab a group if you can, but don’t be afraid to go solo!

  • Below there are 6 images from the Smithsonian Libraries collection. Follow the instructions to see how each image connects to the various cultures around the Festival.

  • Snap a picture when you find what you are looking for at the Folklife Festival, then tag @silibraries and use #SILindoorrecess and #2018FolkLife on Instagram.

  • You only need to post 4 of the 6 pictures to complete the scavenger hunt.

  • We are looking for groups/participants with the fastest time, most instagram worthy pics, and general love of Libraries and Folklife!