Indoor Recess

Smithsonian Libraries Presents: INDOOR RECESS a lunchtime getaway
July 6th, 11am, National Mall

This month we are partnering up again with the Folklife Festival and heading OUTDOORS for a Scavenger hunt!!!

RSVP now and download the free scavenger hunt app Klikaklu. The app will release the hunt on July 6th at 11am and it will run through July 9th, 5pm. Once the app is loaded on your phone, click here or search for the hunt titled: Smithsonian Libraries "Outdoor Recess" at Folklife Festival. 

When it is go time you will see 4 images from the Smithsonian Libraries collection. These images celebrate the circus arts. Each one will direct you to a real location in the Folklife Festival. Once there, take a picture of the location through the app. Complete all four check points and enter a chance to win the grand prize: Folklife swag! 

Enjoy learning more about the Smithsonian Libraries vast collection and seeing the amazing circus arts at the Folklife Festival. Happy Hunting!!

RSVP now!