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Body Objects, page spread

Body Objects

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Whether through direct influences or broader affinities, African, Pre-Columbian, and Indigenous American objects undoubtedly informed the practice of Western artists throughout the 20th century. This catalog, from the inaugural show at New York’s Pace Primitive Gallery, juxtaposes body objects from...Read More
Cover of Ceramica Industrial "El Aguila, S.A."

Ceramica Industrial "El Aguila, S.A."

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This catalog is from the Mexican “Eagle Industrial Ceramic Co.” With beautiful full-color chromolithographic illustrations of the tiles, it demonstrates the various uses of their designs for fountains, seating, open spaces, and other decorative design applications, as well as samples of individual...Read More
Chinese Armorial Porcelain for the Dutch Market, page spread with photographs

Chinese Armorial Porcelain for the Dutch Market

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This is a catalog of Chinese porcelain decorated with Dutch family coats of arms, the arms of Dutch provinces and cities, and monograms. These items were made-to-order for members of the Dutch patrician class. This catalog illustrates and analyzes 455 of the approximately 500 Dutch armorial...Read More
Chinese minority women headdresses - Cover

Chinese Minority Women Headdresses

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Chinese folk papercuts are usually treated as anonymous art, differentiated only by local styles. More recently some scholars have argued that it is necessary to study the artists who make the papercuts to really understand regional styles and the subject matter. Additionally, many of the...Read More
Silk fragments from Palmyra

Die Textilien aus Palmyra

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The ancient city of Palmyra was, for a number of centuries, an important trading center for materials transported across the Silk Road to and from many points in Asia and the Middle East. Much of our current understanding of silk in antiquity comes from the study of material from Palmyra. This...Read More
Title page of English Table Glass

English Table Glass

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Percy Bate was born in Manchester in 1868.  In addition to English Table Glass, he authored several books on portraiture and other forms of art.  He was Secretary of the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts and later Director of Aberdeen Municipal Art Gallery and Museum.  In English...Read More
Design for a lantern in Examples of ornamental metal work

Examples of Ornamental Metal Work

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The Cooper Hewitt Library has a large collection of ornamental pattern books from all times periods that serve designers as an important means of inspiration. In this survey of metal work, English architectural draftsman, illuminator, and antiquary Henry Shaw (1800-1873) presents a variety of...Read More
Goldrausch: Gegenwartskunst aus, mit oder, uber Gold, cover

Goldrausch: Gegenwartskunst Aus, Mit Oder, Uber Gold

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Gold Rush: Contemporary Art Made From, With or About Gold is an exhibition catalogue published to accompany the exhibit of the same title, which was featured at Kunsthalle Nürnburg (October 18, 2012 to January 13, 2013) and at Villa Merkel, Galerien der Stadt Esslingen am Neckar (February 17 to...Read More
Embossed depiction of Josiah Wedgewood on the cover of Wedgewood's Imperial Russian Dinner Service

The Imperial Russian Dinner Service

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From a limited edition of 300 copies (1909), this substantial volume tells the story of the 952-piece dinner service created by legendary potter Josiah Wedgwood for Empress Catherine II of Russia. Known as the "The Frog Service," it was the most ambitious commission Wedgwood had undertaken,...Read More
Jin Xiu Wen Zhang, cover

Jin Xiu Wen Zhang

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Embroidery is an important art in China with examples found from as early as the Zhou Dynasty (1027–221 B.C.). One of the most well-known pieces of Chinese embroidery is a 10th century A.D. textile piece discovered in the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang. There are also fine pieces from the Song dynasty...Read More