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Illustrated color plate of Polar Bear from Vol. 2 Cabinet of Natural History

The Cabinet of Natural History and American Rural Sports

Preserve for the Future – $850
Botanicals and books on zoology, insect and marine life are important sources for design and ornament as coloration and patterns from the natural world inspire artists and designers in many ways. The Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Library has a great collection of such resources available for...Read More
Catalogue de la collection archéologique provenant des fouilles et explorations

Catalogue de la Collection Archéologique Provenant des Fouilles et Explorations

Build and Access the Collection – $2,750
This rare catalogue of an exhibition in Paris in 1883 – held by only six libraries in the U.S. – provides descriptions and brief historical explanations of 102 antiquities from Mexico and the Yucatan that famed French archaeologist Désiré Charnay (1828-1915) acquired during an expedition of...Read More
Catalogue d'une tres-belle collection des objets de troise regnes de la nature...

Catalogue d'une tres-belle collection des objets de troise regnes de la nature...

Build and Access the Collection – $5,500
This is the auction catalogue of one of the most impressive private collections of natural-history specimens ever formed. Pasquay (1719-77) was a physician in Frankfurt and privy councilor of Anhalt-Dessau; he formed the collection over many years, assembling more than 9000 specimens of minerals,...Read More
Catalogus variorum exoticorum rarissimorum maximam partem incognitorum et nullibi...

Catalogus Variorum Exoticorum Rarissimorum Maximam Partem Incognitorum et Nullibi...

Build and Access the Collection – $3,160
This is an extremely rare catalogue of a private natural-history collection in the early 18th century, not held by any other library in North America. Abraham Vater (1684-1751) was a German physician and professor of medicine and anatomy at the University of Wittenberg. In that connection he also...Read More
Cover of Ceramica Industrial "El Aguila, S.A."

Ceramica Industrial "El Aguila, S.A."

Build and Access the Collection – $450
This catalog is from the Mexican “Eagle Industrial Ceramic Co.” With beautiful full-color chromolithographic illustrations of the tiles, it demonstrates the various uses of their designs for fountains, seating, open spaces, and other decorative design applications, as well as samples of individual...Read More
Chinese Armorial Porcelain for the Dutch Market, page spread with photographs

Chinese Armorial Porcelain for the Dutch Market

Build and Access the Collection – $250
This is a catalog of Chinese porcelain decorated with Dutch family coats of arms, the arms of Dutch provinces and cities, and monograms. These items were made-to-order for members of the Dutch patrician class. This catalog illustrates and analyzes 455 of the approximately 500 Dutch armorial...Read More
Chinese minority women headdresses - Cover

Chinese Minority Women Headdresses

Build and Access the Collection – $250
Chinese folk papercuts are usually treated as anonymous art, differentiated only by local styles. More recently some scholars have argued that it is necessary to study the artists who make the papercuts to really understand regional styles and the subject matter. Additionally, many of the...Read More
Cleaning and preservation of coins and medals, cover

Cleaning and Preservation of Coins and Medals

Build and Access the Collection – $250
Published in 1976, Gerhard Welter’s (1907-1989) Cleaning and Preservation of Coins and Medals provides insight on the best practices for maintaining and protecting coins against erosion, rust, and decay. In addition to providing instructions, the book also features illustrations of apparatuses used...Read More
Codex Cortesianus

Codex Cortesianus

Build and Access the Collection – $2,250
Léon de Rosny, a French ethnologist of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, wrote this volume describing a Native Central American object in the collection of a Spanish museum. In the 1860s, two fragments of ancient Mayan language surfaced in Spain. Léon de Rosny was one of the first...Read More
Codex Nutall title page

Codex Nuttall

Preserve for the Future – $550
This 1902 facsimile is one of a small number of codices of native pictography from Mexico dating to pre-Hispanic times.  The original is a screenfold manuscript comprised of 47 leaves of deer skin now in the British Museum.  It uses a kind of picture writing to relate two narratives...Read More