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Cover of The Black Holocaust

The Black Holocaust

Build and Access the Collection – $250
This small book, furnished with black and white pencil drawings throughout, details life on a slave ship in vivid detail. It also shares stories of life in a slave castle in Africa prior to boarding the ship. It honestly describes the horrors that enslaved Africans were forced to endure during...Read More
Black Power 50

Black Power 50

Build and Access the Collection – $250
Since its introduction as a slogan in 1966, the term "Black Power" has inspired and shaped African American consciousness in remarkable ways. For many Americans, the idea of Black Power has restructured goals and redefined success. It has also inspired a new generation of activists who continue to...Read More
Black, Red, and Deadly

Black, Red, and Deadly

Build and Access the Collection – $250
You may know the names of Jesse James, Billy the Kid, or Pat Garrett. But what about Buss Luckey, the Rufus Buck Gang, the Lighthorsemen, or Zeke Miller? Although whites dominate popular depictions of the lawless west, Black, Red and Deadly presents the sagas of African-American and American Indian...Read More
Body Objects, page spread

Body Objects

Build and Access the Collection – $250
Whether through direct influences or broader affinities, African, Pre-Columbian, and Indigenous American objects undoubtedly informed the practice of Western artists throughout the 20th century. This catalog, from the inaugural show at New York’s Pace Primitive Gallery, juxtaposes body objects from...Read More
The book of trades, or, Library of the useful arts

The Book of Trades, or, Library of the Useful Arts

Preserve for the Future – $1,000
Created as an educational occupation guide for young readers, these two volumes contain copper-engraved illustrations with accompanying text explaining the work of the brick maker, the weaver, the paper maker, the printer, the glass-blower, button maker, and other pre-industrial revolution...Read More
Box of Smile Y.O '71 and enclosure

A Box of Smile

Build and Access the Collection – $500
This multiple was created by George Maciunas, ostensible leader of the avant-garde movement Fluxus, in conjunction with Yoko Ono’s 1971 retrospective This is Not Here at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY. Yoko Ono, artist, peace activist, and widow of John Lennon has used smiles as a...Read More
British mineralogy or coloured figures intended to elucidate the mineralogy of Great Britain.

British Mineralogy

Build and Access the Collection – $11,500
James Sowerby's British Mineralogy is the first comprehensive illustrated work on mineralogy. Though more than 200 years old, in many ways it has never been superceded. It was issued in parts over 15 years and ultimately contained 550 plates meticulously drawn from actual specimens, engraved and...Read More
Cover of Brown Gold

Brown Gold

Build and Access the Collection – $300
Brown Gold traces the development of African American children’s literature from the 1870s to the 2000s. The book includes literary criticism and pedagogy, as well as literary history and cultural analysis. The author discusses the use and impact of racial terms such as Afro, Negro, African...Read More
Sammlung der wichtigsten europäischen Nutzhölzer in characterischen Schnitten

Burkart's Sammlung der Wichtigsten Europäischen Nutzhölzer in Characterischen Schnitten

Build and Access the Collection – $3,000
Burkart's Sammlung contains a brief text on European species of trees, including pines, firs, yews, oaks, willows, fruit woods, and others, but its glory is the 40 plates — one per species — consisting of actual wood samples in thin transverse, radial, and tangential cross-sections, held between...Read More
Color illustration of the American Argali from Vol. 1 of the Cabinet of Natural History

The Cabinet of Natural History

Preserve for the Future – $950
Botanicals and books on zoology, insect, and marine life are important sources for design and ornament; coloration and patterns from the natural world inspire artists and designers in many ways. The Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Library has a great collection of these resources...Read More