Physica Experimentalis

Physica Experimentalis
by Augustino A. Messano
Adopted for Conservation by
Paul Misener
on June 1, 2021
Physica experimentalis.

Physica experimentalis

By Augustino A. Messano. 1773-1774.

A compilation of physics-related knowledge from the late 18th century, this text by Augustino A. Messano was likely penned by the scribe Petrus ab Albavilla. Little is known about Messano or his scribe. Bound with the hundreds of pages of text are 15 illustrations, engraved by the Italian wood-engraver Iganazio Lucchesini, demonstrating dozens of physics-related experiments. Unfortunately, the paper size of the engravings is slightly larger than of the paper used for the text, resulting in a book sorely in need of treatment.

Condition and Treatment: 

This is a late 18th century manuscript that has been glued, using excessive amounts of glue, into an inexpertly repaired case. The pages do not open well due to the excessive glue. Some of the glue has seeped into the margins adhering the pages to one another. The printed fold outs are curling and are torn. The plates have tide lines from previous water damage. Conservators will disbind the volume and attempt to see if the cover can be freed from the glued repair covering both covers and part of the spine. The manuscript pages will be humidified and flattened. The plate pages will be washed and flattened. A new binding will be created for this volume as well as a custom box.

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Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future