Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems

Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems
by Harvey J. Gold
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Henry D. Kahn, D.Sc.
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on June 11, 2021
Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems, title page

Mathematical modeling of biological systems : an introductory guidebook

By Harvey J. Gold. New York: Wiley, c1977.

“The basic premise of this book is that mathematical procedures are useful, and sometimes necessary, for the description and understanding of biological systems,” writes author Harvey J. Gold. Biological systems are among the most complex systems studied by scientists. Models are used to explain systems and to study different variables in an objective way. Today most mathematical models are run on computers, but when this book was published in the 1970s, computer information systems were relatively new and most equations were calculated manually. This book was written for biologists who were new to modeling techniques. Models described include a two-species predator-prey system, homeostasis, and animal migration. The last chapter discusses computing and Gold introduces the subject by asserting, "Machines should work; people should think" — still sound advice, 40 years later. This book remains relevant and continues to be cited in books and journals.

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