Lienzo de Tlaxcala

Lienzo de Tlaxcala (1939 reproduction) cover page
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Category: Preserve for the Future
Location: John Wesley Powell Library of Anthropology

Lienzo de Tlaxcala, manuscrito pictorico mexicano de mediados del siglo XVI

Mexico, D.F.: Libreria Anticuaria G.M. Echaniz , [1939].

This 1939 reproduction of a Tlaxcala codex was originally developed in the 16th century. The Lienzo de Tlaxcala uses detailed drawings to depict the time of contact and conflict between Hernando Cortez and various people groups in and around the Tlaxcala region of Mexico. The Lienzo de Tlaxcala is comprised of images with accompanying headings in Nahuatl and captions in Spanish.  This quarto-sized reproduction includes a forward explaining the rich history of the Lienzo de Tlaxcala, from the missing 16th century original to the various iterations throughout Mexican history, including an 1892 folio version.

Condition and Treatment: 

A post bound half leather and bookcloth binding. The text is brittle and the post binding is causing stress to the delicate pages. Many of the fold outs are broken at the folds. Conservators will dis-bind the volume and repair the fold outs using Japanese paper adhered with reversible wheat starch paste. The original binding will be retained and housed with the repaired text in a custom double tray box.

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