La Perse, La Chaldée et La Susiane

La Perse, La Chaldée et La Susiane
by Jane Dieulafoy (1851-1916)
Adopted for Conservation by
Michael & Tzun Ying Hardy
on June 16, 2021
La Perse cover

La Perse, la Chaldée et la Susiane, / par Mme Jane Dieulafoy ... Relation de voyage contenant 336 gravures sur bois daprès les photographies de lauteur et deux cartes

By Jane Dieulafoy (1851-1916). Paris: Hachette et cie, 1887.

This gilded and richly illustrated volume describes the 19th-century travels of explorer Jane Dieulafoy. Dieulafoy documented her explorations through what is now Iraq and Iran. Dieulafoy uses the expressive language of her time to describe the weather, people, cultures, and treasures she encountered. The volume includes many illustrations of the villages, ports, and bazaars she visited. The illustrations are prints from wood engravings based on the author’s photographs. While traveling with her husband Marcel, Dieulafoy dressed in men’s clothing, a practice she continued even while in her native France.

Condition and Treatment: 

This is a late 19th-century quarter-bound volume with elaborately printed covers and spine. The leather on the spine is degrading, with areas of delamination. The cloth cover is no longer attached in places, and all the corners of the volume have exposed board. The inner hinges are not adequately supporting the heavy textblock. Conservators will repair the leather spine and attempt to address the pockets of loose bookcloth. The corners will be consolidated and covered with toned Japanese paper. A double-tray box will be created to house this valuable item.

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Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future