Dineh Bizad, Navaho, His Language

Dineh Bizad, Navajo, his Language title page
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Location: John Wesley Powell Library of Anthropology

Dineh Bizad, Navaho, his language; a handbook for beginners in the study of the Navaho language

Tolchaco, Ariz.: Mission to the Navaho Indians, [pref. 1910].

This small 4 x 6 inch handbook written by Presbyterian missionary Frederick G Mitchel is  “ . .  the fruit of a sincere desire to help those who seek a working knowledge of the Navaho language.”   It includes an alphabet with English sound words, conjugated verbs, an English-Navaho word list and other subject-oriented word lists for places, travel, greetings, time and seasons, money and numbers, personal pronouns, parts of the body, and family relations.  In warning the reader how difficult Navaho is to learn, Mitchell could never have dreamed that difficulty would turn into an asset decades later during World War II.

Condition and Treatment: 

This handbook is bound in an early 20th century buckram binding. The text is very brittle and the first two pages and last page are detached. Conservators will re-attach the detached pages and create a custom enclosure for this fragile item.

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