The Gilded Circle

The Gilded Circle is a group of donors dedicated to making the Smithsonian Libraries 50th anniversary celebration a success. By contributing special unrestricted gifts during the Smithsonian Libraries' 50th Anniversary year, the Gilded Circle is building a solid foundation for the coming decades. We invite you to join this growing group as a Director at $10,000, a Co-Chair at $5,000, or a Member at $1,000. 

Your gift to the Gilded Circle will support the Smithsonian Libraries over the next 50 years as we grow and preserve our collections, broaden access through digitization and education, create impactful and engaging exhibitions, and strengthen our fellowship and internship programs. Your generosity today will allow us to continue sharing knowledge and preserving treasures for the next 50 years and beyond. 

Make your gift and join us today!

Please contact Allie Swislocki, Advancement Officer, with any questions. 

Thank you to all who have joined our Gilded Circle!

Honorary Chair
  • David Baldacci
  • Barbara and Craig Barrett 
  • Cary J. Frieze
  • Elizabeth Hamman Oliver* and Dene Oliver
  • David Bruce Smith*
  • Susan Battley* (Chair, Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board)
  • Richard T. Choi* (Vice Chair, Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board) and Claudia M. Perry
  • Paul Ekman
  • Louis* and Candice Hughes
  • David and Patricia Jernigan
  • Carolyn J. Johnsen* (50th Anniversary Committee Chair, Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board) and Richard Q. Nye
  • David and Marilyn Pickett
  • Richard W. Renner
  • Tim* and Patricia Schantz
  • Kathryn Turner*
  • Amy Threefoot* and Horacio Valeiras
  • Jacqueline Vossler*
  • Ruth L. Webb
  • Susan Holden Blaha
  • Nancy L. Eaton*
  • Joan Pinkerton Filson
  • Jay** and Linda Freedman
  • Hope** and John Furth
  • Linda Gooden** and Laird Russell Lott
  • Gloria Shaw Hamilton
  • Agnes Lardizabal
  • Stephen and Sally Maran 
  • Edgar and Margery** Masinter
  • Katherine Neville*
  • Ieva O'Rourke
  • Alan Perkins and Barbara Bonessa
  • Bill and Elayne Roskin
  • Randi Rubovits-Seitz
  • Ruth O. Selig
  • Albert H. Small
  • Harold and Barbara Walsh
  • Susan Ellen Wolf*
  • Anonymous (3)

*Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board Members

**Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board Alumni